… and what Ezri is doing in the near future

Regardin‘ me future commitments I shall be deeply invested in th‘ crew specified below:

Why ye ask…?
Well, th‘ chance t‘ learn new thin’s ’n t‘ pursue opportunities that shall allow me t‘ loot a stronger role in how they function will greatly facilitate me hopes fer advancement. Thus, I ‚ave signed up on th‘ Articles o‘ Agreement ’n will soon be experiencin‘ indescribable adventures aboard this weird ’n crazy pirate ship in hopes o‘ obtainin‘ a big slice o‘ fat booty from th‘ raided civilian populations! Sure I shall demand six hundred pieces o‘ eight fer th‘ loss o‘ an arm, but rest assured I be definitely nah scared t‘ scrub th‘ deck!

What is this mumbo jumbo…?
Ok, for real, i just signed up on a new position as „Technical Lead (PHP)“ at „DES WAHNSINNS FETTE BEUTE GMBH“ which is just awesome and exactly what i wanted. I have quit my old job for the 31.10. and will embark on new endeavors soon! So look out for me, when i’ll be conquering the Siegerland region!

Oh, and…

Look behind you, a three headed monkey!